Life Experience Degrees: Are They For Real?

You want to earn a college degree but the course that you want is not being offered in the schools near your residence. The degree that you have in mind can only be obtained from a university that charges a kings ransom in tuition and other fees. To earn that particular degree, you will have to relocate or travel long distance regularly. You have to pay the movers, rent a place to stay and many other things that when added up will cost a fortune. There are just too many things to consider in order for you to obtain the degree you want.

Buying an online degree leaves a bad taste on most people's mouth. It does not sound good and does not seem right. Most of them would rather study near their place, take whatever degree is available that takes their fancy; attend their boring classes wasting their time and money. A life experience degree is an alternative that can lead you to a career path and worthwhile professions. It lets you earn your desired college degree without the trouble of passing admission exams and studying, through its Prior Learning Assessment Program. You earn college degree credits based on your work experience, trainings and seminars attended, military service, college units earned, and travel among many things. The data that you present to schools must be verifiable. Reputable schools will request additional data if they sense that the information you gave is inaccurate. To be accepted, almost all schools will ask you to fill out an application form with a detailed list of your prior experiences. If you satisfy the minimum requisites for the degree you are applying for, you will receive you diploma within l to 3 weeks after paying the required fees.

A person with years of experience in his occupation may notice that contemporaries who have academic degrees but with less experience advance more rapidly in their jobs. A life experience degree can qualify you for these jobs. It is rapidly gaining popularity because it is flexible, fast and convenient. You are granted a degree based on what you already know. Degrees are a definite advantage these days. Do not waste your time and money to be something just because it is the only viable course offered by your local school. You will only be effective in your career if you like doing it. Buying an online degree can be mutually beneficial to you and the degree granting university.

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  1. I think yes. They are for real - not in a sense that it will teach you all possibilities in life, but probably it will teach you how to deal with life experiences and how to make it a positive turn or feedback in your own life and probably others.

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