How to write essay topics

It is one of the most difficult tasks to choose an essay topic for the college admission. Most students feel that the essay topics must be extravagant or unusual. Basis this, they choose topics which are not within their grasp or knowledge.

But, actually the admission board does not look into this aspect, they look for the person in you and what are your qualities. The essay topic can be very general, but the quality and content of the essay must reflect your intellect and personality. The essay topic can be general in nature, but must be interesting and captivating at the same time, so that it can garner the attention of the admission board. When you choose the essay topics, think if you can say something interesting through it.

Understand that the admission board will be reading hundreds of essays and they will give attention to your essay if it sounds interesting. Essay topics, in general and especially for the college admissions give insights about your personality and connects you to the board. What excites you? How you have shaped in last few years? What issues makes you think?

These are the few questions that give a personal touch to the essay topic and the essay as a whole. Moreover, essay writing is theme based writing and is depended upon sufficient research and in-depth analysis. An essay topic on the advancement of science is a rather general and factual based essay. However, the essay topic on your experience in the trekking expedition will give an insight about you as a person. The essay will be a way of telling the admission committee about a thing or two about your personality and character, which otherwise will not be reflected from your grade paper or resume.

Essay topics can also be of both literary and non-literary types. The literary essays cover mostly the essays on the literature books, periodicals and journals. As for non-literary type essays the essay topics vary from music, film and photography. AlsoPsychology Articles, can be included essays on visual arts comprising of sculpture or drawing. These essays deal with the artist s creative side. For a photographic essay the scope lies with the series of photographs. Choosing and essay topic and writing it can be a art which can be developed over a period of time. With experience one can make it into a prosperous career path with potential of lucrative income.

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